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Recombineering to BACs.

1.    Warming, S., Costantino, N., Court, D. L., Jenkins, N. A. & Copeland, N. G. (2005). Simple and highly efficient BAC recombineering using galK selection. Nucleic Acids Res. 33, e36. Warming-2005 Nuc acid res.pdf

2.    Swaminathan, S., Ellis, H. M., Waters, L. S., Yu, D., Lee, E.-C., Court, D. L. & Sharan, S. K. (2001). Rapid engineering of bacterial artificial chromosomes using oligonucleotides. Genesis 29, 14-21. Swaminathan-2001 Genesis.pdf

3.    Lee, E. C., Yu, D., Martinez de Velasco, J., Tessarollo, L., Swing, D. A., Court, D. L., Jenkins, N. A. & Copeland, N. G. (2001). A highly efficient Escherichia coli-based chromosome engineering system adapted for recombinogenic targeting and subcloning of BAC DNA. Genomics 73, 56-65. Lee-2001 Genomics.pdf

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